The Crew


AJ & Sarah

We are an outdoor adventure loving couple who live by the philosophy of do more than just exist.


AJ is from Ottawa, KS and an Army Veteran (questionable choice if you ask me). For fun and occupation he climbs wind turbines and gets dirty. His loves include yoga pants and kale shakes (totally kidding). His real loves include Jeeps, tinkering in his man cave garage, and anything outdoors. You will definitely not find him indoors on a semi-decent weather day.




Sarah claims Lane, KS as her hometown and she is a proud Navy veteran (the best military branch). She is a registered nurse who has the pleasure of being the Administrator for a long term care facility. When she is not rocking business casual attire you can find her in black yoga pants and a ponytail drinking large amounts of strong black coffee.

Below are the miniature members of our crew: Alex and Madelyn


The furry member of our crew: Hannah

She is a 2 year old Czech Working Dog.